Some Benefits of Quick Booster Engine Treatment:

  • Decreases engine temperature
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Decreases maintenance costs
  • Decreases friction and wear
  • Prolongs engines life
  • Reduces pollution
  • Reduces engine noise
  • Prolongs oil life
  • Protects against corrosives
  • Easier and quicker engine ignition
  • Increases the resale value of vehicle

Motor Lube Hi-Tech Engine Treatment

Quick Booster Engine Treatment is a premium quality engine treatment that reduces friction and wear in your engine. 

It accomplishes this by penetrating into the micro-pores to eliminate metal to metal contact. Quick Booster Engine Treatment can be used with cars and buses that use diesel, gasoline, propane and natural gas. It leaves a protective coat of approximately 2 microns which thus allows friction-less contact between all engine parts. It is also used for racing cars

Product Code: ENGQB500

Quick Booster Oil Motor Lube racing engine treatment:
Next generation technology for engine protection.
Quick Booster Oil uses the worlds most advanced technology to reduce friction and wear. 
Quick Booster Oil engine treatment is a metal treatment, not an oil treatment; protecting engine parts for 80,000 km.

Super Motor Lube (250ml & 500ml):

Reduced friction and wear. Easier and quicker Engine starting. Lower Engine temperature, Reduced fuel consumption, Reduced engine Noise, Reduced maintenance costs, Protects against Corrosives. Increases Engine life, Reduced pollution, prolongs oil life.

Directions for use:

Drain oil and change filter Refill with quality oil to capacity less amount of quick. shake quick booster and add with oil. Change oil as Recommended by Manufacturer.

This is a baseline read-out on the submitted sample.
Sample Date Current UOM
Time on Unit 0 days
Time on Oil 0 days
Time on Fltr 0 days
Oil Maint. Changed ---
Filter Maint. Changed ---
(not applicable)
Sample Date Current Abn
Silicon 2.3 ---
Potassium 3.3 ---
Water (%) <0.1 ---
*Dirt NONE ---
*Debris NONE ---
*Slit NONE ---
*Precipitate NONE ---
(not applicable)
Sample Date Current Abn
*White Metal NONE ---
*Babbitt NONE ---
Iron 0.5 20
Nickel 0.0 20
Chromium 0.0 20
Titanium 0.0 ---
Copper 0.0 20
Aluminum 0.5 20
Tin 0.1 20
Lead 0.0 20
Silver 0.0 ---
The viscosity index is 124
Sample Date Current Abn
Boron NONE ---
Barium NONE ---
Calcium 0.5 20
Magnesium 0.0 20
Molybdenum 0.0 20
Sodium 0.0 ---
Phosphorus 0.0 20
Sulfur 0.5 20
Zinc 0.1 20
Visc@40˚C 0.0 20
Visc@100˚C 0.0 ---
Oxidation --- ---


How Quick Booster Engine Treatment compares to other market products

Quick Booster Engine Treatment outperforms products in the market by over 500%.

Please refer to Graph 1 for more details (click to view a larger image).

How to use Quick Booster Engine Treatment:

The instructions vary for cars, buses and tricks. The instructions are as follows:



  • Drain oil and change filter
  • For every 4 litres of engine oil, pour 500ML of Quick Engine Booster Treatment
  • For optimum results, add Quick Booster Engine Treatment with every second oil change

Buses & Trucks

  • Drain oil and change filter
  • For every 40 liters of oil, ad 6 of the 500ML bottles
  • For optimum results, add Quick Booster Engine Treatment with every second oil change

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